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In Arun Infotech Mr. Milind Bhinge is the whole-time director. With wide experience in areas as diverse as networking and Information Security, he give strategic direction to the company and define its vision and values.

Mr. Milind Bhinge started Arun Infotech in 2002 and ran it like a commanding officer right from day one. Mr. MIlind says “Starting this company was similar to rendezvous with destiny.” Further he adds ”… like any other startup, the initial struggle period, it was similar to have landed on the wrong side of enemy lines, with a small team of commando’s to escape back into safe ground with limited fire power………….”

Now, that things have settled and a strong client base to count on both domestic and international (Client Testimonials), his fight has paid off and has created a thriving business. He has gathered a diverse experience in technology of more than a decade in software, embedded and automation at Arun Infotech.

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  • Arun Infotech,(Partners with FaraLenz)
    Lane No. 1A, 3rd Floor Malhar Building, Bavdhan, near Tulja Bhawani Mandir, Chandani Chowk, Pune-411021.
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